Who We Are

The International Midway Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Maryland and dedicated to honoring and preserving the memory and values of the Battle of Midway. Its mission is to ensure the battle’s rightful place as one of the most decisive naval battles in world history and the turning point of the war in the Pacific against Japan in World War II.


The IMMF encouraged Congress to pass legislation which was signed into law by President Clinton in 1999 designating the Midway Atoll a National Memorial.

The Foundation created the Annual Midway Night Dinner

The IMMF erected and dedicated monuments to the Battle of Midway on the Midway Islands and on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Foundation encouraged the U.S. Navy to designate the Battle of Midway on a par with the birthday of the Navy---it is now remembered annually with commemorative ceremonies throughout the Navy.

The IMMF produced a promotional documentary film that has been placed on this web site

The Foundation created a Battle of Midway Essay Contest at the U.S. Naval Academy.

The IMMF has created the sterling silver Battle of Midway Medallion

May 2015: Sponsored the Battle of Midway Essay Contest at the US Naval Academy

February 2015: Instrumental in initiating a Government Accounting Office investigation into the management of Midway Atoll by the US Fish and Wildlife Service

November 2014: Instrumental in convening a Congressional Hearing entitled “is the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge Being Properly Managed?”

Goals of the Foundation

The Foundation's goals are designed to promote and preserve the memory and significance of the battle of Midway, as well as the first six months of the war in the Pacific.

  1. Remove the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s jurisdiction over the Midway National Memorial.
  2. Restore public access to the Midway Islands.
  3. Publication of the manuscript Pacific Rivalry at the Turning Point, a definitive book on the Battle of Midway, the events that led to the battle, and an analysis of the historical significance on the battle.
  4. The creation of a 75th anniversary commemorative stamp depicting the Battle of Midway by the US Postal Service.
  5. Design and erect a memorial to be placed on Wake Island in December 2016 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battle fought there.
  6. Establish a Battle of Midway essay contest in schools across America.
  7. Production of the documentary film Against All Odds.


The Midway Medallion

Midway Medallion

The Midway Medallion was created by the International Midway Memorial Foundation to honor the memory of the brave men of the Armed Forces whose conspicuous valor and sacrifices at the Battle of Midway brought victory, against great odds, over the combined might of the Japanese Navy, and thus turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. The Medallion seeks to render this this honor in its fullest measure by kindling a heightened awareness in the minds and heart of the people of this Nation of the high significance of the Battle and, especially, of those heroic attributes of bravery, self-sacrifice and patriotism which were so abundantly there. Consistent with high purpose, the roster of Medallion recipients includes those whose dedicated endeavors have contributed substantially to the Foundation’s efforts to ensure that the memory of Midway will be enshrined forever, alongside Yorktown, Gettysburg and Normandy, in its rightful honored place in this Nation’s glorious heritage.

The sterling silver Midway Medallion was first designed by the International Midway Memorial Foundation in 1993. On one side is inscribed “In honor of the gallant men who were responsible for VICTORY AT MIWAY” and on the other is the famous directive by Admiral Nimitz to Admiral Spruance “to be guided by the principle of calculated risk”. The Midway Medallion represents the Foundation’s highest award.

The Midway Atoll National Memorial Coin

Midway Memorial Coin

The Midway Atoll National Memorial Coin was instituted by the International Midway Memorial Foundation in 2001 to commemorate the designation of the Midway Atoll as a National Memorial. The coin’s creation is an acknowledgment that the United States Congress has recognized in legislation that the men who fought in the Battle of Midway are truly worthy of every American’s respect, honor, pride and admiration. The coin was struck in proof condition in accordance with the highest standards of the Honolulu Mint.

It is given as an award to those whose endeavors have contributed to the Foundation’s continuing efforts to ensure that the memory of Midway will endure forever.