The Documentary

Against All Odds

The Foundation has produced a promotional documentary film short entitled Against All Odds. The purpose of this film is to promote funds for the production of a definitive full-length documentary on the Battle of Midway. To this end, members of the Foundation traveled to Pearl Harbor, Japan and Midway, and interviewed many American and Japanese veterans of the battle to obtain raw film footage.

The Goal:

Against All Odds will hope to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide an accurate and detailed depiction of the battle of Midway in order to educate the public about one of the most historic naval battles in work history.
  2. Send a powerful message to all interested---especially young people---to honor and emulate the patriotism, bravery and devotion to duty exemplified by the men at Midway.
  3. Provide an inspirational narrative of valor and heroism which may serve to stimulate patriotism and attract volunteers to join all branches of the military.

The project will cost about $500,000. Tax-deductible donations to the IMMF can be made that are designated solely for the film’s production.

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